Heartburn? Interstitial Cystitis? Tooth Enamel Erosion? Body Alkalization?

CalciBlend & Coffee Tamer Can Help Neutralize the Acid so you can enjoy the foods and beverages you love!

What Is It?

Granules that neutralize the acidity in foods and beverages without damaging the flavor. It provides optimal effectiveness to reduce acid in different parts of the body, not just the traditional acidic environment of the stomach.

Will it Change the Flavor?

CalciBlend or Coffee Tamer does not affect the flavor or aroma of foods or beverages. In certain foods and beverages, such as vinegar based dressings, coffee and citrus based foods, it may slightly reduce the acid bite.

Who Can Benefit?

Anyone suffering from Heartburn, Interstitial Cystitis, Periodontal Disease or Erosion of Tooth enamel should reduce their acid intake. Recommended by Urologists and Gastroenterologists!

When I first was diagnosed with I. C. (Interstitial Cystitis), I was given a list of all my favorite foods with the word “no” on it. Then I found CalciBlend and my life changed. My first coffee with no pain in years!! Then I tried pizza, pasta, juice! What a wonderful product! No taste and it takes the acid out, therefore the pain, out of so many drinks and foods. What a blessing, I take my shaker everywhere!

Andrea in California